Business Competition 2017

What is Avenir Business Competition

Avenir is a platform that provides prospective student entrepreneurs the opportunity to express innovative ideas, engage with business professionals, and nurture an entrepreneurial mindset.

Competition Procedures


1. Preparation

Participants will have all the time before the competition to develop their ideas and prepare for the presentation. The presentation will be addressing the student’s chosen business idea. Thorough research is recommended. (For details, download the template on our website).

2. Presentation

During the presentation, the participant’s business idea will be evaluated by a panel of judges, consisting of entrepreneurs and experts in the field of business, according to criteria. No score will be received for presentation on the first day, however, feedback will be given for improvements.


3. Respond to Questions

During a competition round, after presenting, participants will receive questions from the judging panel. Questions will address details of the participants’ business idea and/or presentation. There will be 3 questions per presentation; students will have 1 minute to answer each question.


4. Feedback and Development

Detailed feedback by the students’ mentors will be given after the first presentation round, and students will use this feedback and mentor sessions to refine and develop their final presentation, which will take place on the second day. Time will be given on the first day for this.


5. Results and Awards

After the final round of presentation, students will receive feedback from their judges; then, their final score will be revealed during the awards ceremony at the end of the second day.

Why Avenir?


Professional Competitive Opportunity

Avenir provides an authentic platform for students to present their ideas, interact with real entrepreneurs, and judged by real business professionals.


Great for College Application

Avenir is great when applying to colleges. This experience can demonstrate your leadership and creativity, and can be used in your essays.

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Practice Public Speaking

Public speaking is a highly important skill in business. Students will have the chance to strengthen this  skill with feedback from professional judges.

Avenir Business Competition helps students demonstrate leadership, creativity, independence, and initiative — attributes highly demanded by today’s top universities.